Ripper Murder: Marie Jeanette
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Ripper Murder: Marie Jeanette

The scene of the last murder by Jack the Ripper.

The murder of Marie Jeanette Kelly here on Friday the 9th November is usually classed as the fifth and final of Jack the Ripper's victims.

Here the savaged remains of young Irish girl Marie Jeanette were discovered. Black Mary, problems with drink and prostitution, and was believed to be the Rippers last victim.

On the morning of Friday, November 9, 1888, the day of the annual Lord Mayor's Day celebrations, Kelly's landlord John McCarthy sent his assistant, Thomas Bowyer, to collect the rent. Kelly was several weeks behind on her payments. Bowyer knocked on her door but received no response. He reached through a crack in a window and pushed aside a coat being used as a curtain and peered inside. What he discovered was a horribly mutilated corpse.

Location: 13 Miller's Court, Whitechapel

Regarding Paulas comments about the Eddowes and Nicholls graves being in the City of London cemetery. I found out when I went there that they are only 2 plaques on the grass and to find them you have to go to the office to find the location. You are then asked to fill out a form saying why you want the information. You are then asked for a contact phone number to check whether you are genuine from a third party. Only then do they give you a map showing directions. In my case this all took about 30 minutes. I think this security check is to find out whether or not you are a prospective grave wrecker. (Dave Evans)
Posted by Dave Evans on 2012-02-04
Catherine Eddowes and Polly Nicholls graves are in the City of London cemetery (Paula)
Posted by Paula on 2012-01-24
Marie Kellys grave is the only one left to see of all of the victims.It is in St.Patricks cemetary in Leyton about 80 metres behind the office.It is about 3 metres to the right of a 1 metre white grave stone of a footballer.Ther is a small dish below the black cross where people have left coins most of which are rusty because of the rain. (Dave Evans)
Posted by Dave Evans on 2011-02-28
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